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Off The Hook Again

Posted on: November 29, 2009 3:37 pm
I'm not a writer but...

It seems like the BCS has gotten off the hook with Oklahoma State showing just how ridiculous they would have been in a BCS bowl. No amount of T. Boone's money could have justified this team replacing Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. Really Oklahoma State was just the beneficiary of a weak Big-12 schedule and an easy non-conference. They didn't beat any team in the current Top-25 (Unlike Boise State) and certainly haven't done anything of note this season.

Now it seems like the BCS will get a reprieve for a couple of weeks due to Boise State sliding into the Fiesta Bowl in the 12th hour. 2 perfect seasons in a row would have been a lot for the BCS to swallow in picking Oklahoma State over Boise State but it would most certainly have happened. Now that we'll have TCU and Boise State representing the little guys I'm sure the BCS madness will subside at least for a few weeks. Once TCU handles whatever opponent they are matched against easily like Utah did last year the split national title groans will start again, and hopefully there will be a TCU, Boise State, or Utah every year until we get that playoff system, however the BCS always seems to luck out like they did this year.

I'm not a writer but...
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