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Off The Hook Again

I'm not a writer but...

It seems like the BCS has gotten off the hook with Oklahoma State showing just how ridiculous they would have been in a BCS bowl. No amount of T. Boone's money could have justified this team replacing Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. Really Oklahoma State was just the beneficiary of a weak Big-12 schedule and an easy non-conference. They didn't beat any team in the current Top-25 (Unlike Boise State) and certainly haven't done anything of note this season.

Now it seems like the BCS will get a reprieve for a couple of weeks due to Boise State sliding into the Fiesta Bowl in the 12th hour. 2 perfect seasons in a row would have been a lot for the BCS to swallow in picking Oklahoma State over Boise State but it would most certainly have happened. Now that we'll have TCU and Boise State representing the little guys I'm sure the BCS madness will subside at least for a few weeks. Once TCU handles whatever opponent they are matched against easily like Utah did last year the split national title groans will start again, and hopefully there will be a TCU, Boise State, or Utah every year until we get that playoff system, however the BCS always seems to luck out like they did this year.

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Gerhart for Heisman

I'm not a writer, So I can't vote for the Heisman in really any way that affects the voting, but without a doubt I believe Toby Gerhart deserves to come back from New York with the trophy. He has been absolute money throughout the entire season, culminating in a 205-yard 7.9 yard-per-carry average, 3 rushing TDs and a gutsy passing TD to lead the Cardinal over Notre Dame for the first time since 2001. Realistically his only competition is Colt McCoy due to Tebow being KO'ed for a few games, darkhorse favorite Case Keenum's Houston squad fading from the Top-25, and Mark Ingram's "game" against Auburn. Ingram should never have been considered above Gerhart in the first place anyway due to Gerhart having more yards, touchdowns and a much higher yards-per-carry and I don't care about how tough the SEC defenses are, a good running back can put up monster numbers in the SEC (see Knowshon Moreno) However McCoy and Gerhart are going neck and neck to the finals after both singlehandedly getting their teams the win, both on national TV. My main argument is the incredible consistency of Toby Gerhart. His worst week statistically was week 2 when he had 82 yards and no touchdowns in a loss to Wake Forest, however he still had a 4.9 average, which is double of Ingram's performance against Auburn. His last four games have been incredible 223, 178, 136, and 205 with 3,3,4, and 3 touchdowns (not counting a passing TD) against Oregon, USC, Cal, and Notre Dame respectively. Those are obscene numbers for a running back, and they were done against (except Notre Dame) teams with pretty good rushing defense. Say what you will about USC but before Stanford forced an identity crisis, their d held Ohio State running back Boom Herron to only 44 yards and a 2.4 average, Brandon Saine had one carry for 2 yards. Thats a tandem now that has rushed for 100 yards each in multiple Big-Ten games this year and are an integral part in Ohio State's Big-Ten championship (due to Pryor being completely rubbish) With his second worst performance being a 96 yard two touchdown performance at Oregon State, Gerhart proves his consistency. No one means more to their team than Toby Gerhart and with this being Stanford's breakout year, I believe he's done enough to win the Heisman.

If Colt won the Heisman I believe it would be more of a lifetime achievement award. McCoy, now D-I's most winningest quarterback ever, has had the benefit of playing on great teams and has been given incredibly talented receivers (see Jordan Shipley) and while he's had a pretty good year, he's down in every major statistical category from his previous season. (except wins) Now no offense to Colt, but I believe giving him the Heisman in a year which has not been his best statistically would be an insult to his great career. If he should have won it any year, it should have been last year. Colt has also had his own stinker game, I specifically remember the OU game. When the game was said and done and Texas eeked out a win I remembered thinking Colt's Heisman race was over. I'd never seen him throw so many short hop balls and terrible overthrows in his brilliant career. He looked like Terrelle Pryor. No knock on McCoy but enjoy your chance at at National Title rather than an individual award.

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Patience, Patience, Patience...

I'm not a writer, but...

I'd like to acknowledge the new trendy idea in college football, impatience. ADs simply don't give their coaches enough time to build their own team. The Ron Prince/Bill Snyder hiring kind of spurred this thought upon me, but K-State isn't the only team guilty of this, and I'm sure by the end of the season more teams will be too.

Nowadays ADs and university big-wigs simply aren't realistic with their goals they set for their coaches. Syracuse dumped Greg Robinson, Ty Willingham was run out of town---again. Wyoming fired their coach, San Diego State's coach, gone, Tennessee dumped Phil Fulmer. The Notre Dame Holymen are soaking their torches in oil, ready to run the "prodigy" Charlie Weis out of South Bend.

Now two things concern me about all these firings. One that they are occurring mid-season. Seriously can you not wait until everything is said and done before you put the kibosh on your current coach. It's not only unfair to the coaches, its unfair to the players. How can you possibly focus on a game when the guy who convinced you to spend the next four years of your life at a specific college gets chased out of town midseason?

Two: The majority of coaches who have been fired have three seasons under their belt. Three seasons? That means they couldn't even graduate their inaugural class! These completely arbitrary and ridiculous contract extensions coaches sign don't mean anything anymore. Charlie Weis is supposed to be signed to Notre Dame until we find an alternative energy source and it seems like just the other day Robinson signed an extension and was given a "vote of confidence" from his AD. Well, he's out the door. The ADs are basically saying we'd rather pay you 5 million dollars to leave than have you coach us for another year. Wow that's gotta hurt the old ego.

In all fairness to Wyoming they gave their coach 6 years and it didn't seem to work out. O.K. that's fair. Also Fulmer was around at Tennessee for quite a while and led the Vols to the SEC title game last year, but they weren't enjoying the amount of success that the University of Tennessee is accustomed to, so Fulmer's gone. Thats' fair if that's why he was booted, but let the guy who won a national title for you keep his dignity for the remainder of the year. Announce it after the season has officially wrapped up and save your players from dealing with it midseason.

Also colleges need to remember not everyone can be a powerhouse. Sorry Syracuse, you're a basketball school. Sorry, San Diego State you won't ever be as good as Cal or USC, or even Stanford. Try to be reasonable here...

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I'm not a writer, but... 

Everyone knows the BCS system is horrible and we need a change and blah blah blah...But the BCS is here to stay for at least one more year and so we've got to deal with it. With two weeks left in the regular season and there has never been a muddier BCS picture.

The BCS system is based on the idea that teams like Ohio State and USC can ram through their schedules unscathed and in today's game where any team can compete with the big dogs that doesn't happen anymore. Obviously thats why we need the playoff.

But my main concern this year is how many teams are going to get the shaft in the big bowls. For the past couple of years because of what Boise State did against OU and what Hawaii and Utah have accomplished as non-BCS teams we've been under the impression that if you go undefeated in a non-BCS league you get a shot to play in a major bowl game. But with one week to go and 3 non-BCS teams are undefeated how can you possibly decide who earned the right to play in the BCS game?! It's possible none of them could clinch a spot in a BCS bowl.  

Think about this: with a win in the Civil War, Oregon State clinches a spot in the Rose Bowl. So that makes the Rose Bowl full, Penn State v. Oregon State. USC will certainly get the at-large bid in the Sugar Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl.

Now in the Fiesta Bowl-this is a complete mess. So if Oklahoma gets the nod to play in the Big XII title game and wins, they'll be in the National Championship against Florida/Alabama. Whoever gets second in the Big XII South between Texas and Texas Tech (Or Oklahoma) will get locked up in the Fiesta Bowl. Whoever loses the coin toss (or however they decide these tiebreakers) and is third in that division there's a BCS rule that only allows 2 teams from a BCS conference in BCS bowls. I didn't even mention Oklahoma State and how tough they have it. USC-Texas fills the Fiesta Bowl. So realistically Texas Tech can be 11-1, ranked #7 and not get into a BCS Bowl. WHAT?! 

Let's look at the Sugar Bowl now, if Florida wins they will go to the National Championship, if Alabama wins, they go to the National Championship. The loser takes the spot in the Sugar Bowl. The Orange Bowl is filled by two teams not deserving to be in a BCS bowl. This leaves Ball State, Utah, and Boise State, and UH OH Ohio State, all lobbying for that final BCS spot. The BCS being the money grubbing institution it is will consider Ohio State because of the amount of Buckeye fans they'll bring and how much more revenue they can generate from that.

So you have the Broncs, Cards and Utes faced with the incredible challenge of proving they're better than Buck team that lost to two teams that are BCS bound. WOW, is your head spinning too?! I'm incredibly frustrated by the fact that those teams who did everything to perfection throughout the entire season aren't going to have a chance to prove themselves as a legit program. Heck I think Utah has done enough to be in the National Title. They beat BYU, TCU, and now hapless Michigan, but the fact they didn't slip in any game means a lot. How much does an undefeated season and champions of the bowl mean compared to beating a top 5 team in the country on national TV. Those teams also miss out on about 12 million dollars in revenue that the BCS hands out to the teams that participate. That 12 mil could do an incredible amount for those teams who don't have a very big budget and can't fly their coaches all over the country like the big boys can. Well I'm tired, frustrated but nothing can destroy the emotion of college football, even an extremely stupid system that even our president (elect) hates.

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